I havent been home alone in a long time
2007-07-14 14:31:25 ET

it sucks.

2007-07-14 14:35:40 ET

did you make clever traps for burglars?

2007-07-15 13:25:37 ET

I did!
I hung paint cans from the celling and set up crazy wiring so that anyone that tried to some in my room would get shocked if they touched my door knob.

2007-07-15 13:28:38 ET

lol, good
obviously it worked, since you are here now

2007-07-17 17:40:55 ET

yep, worked like a charm!

2007-07-19 18:08:31 ET

i just hope you didn't forget to put away the tarantula

2007-07-31 18:46:55 ET


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