my job rules
2006-06-20 08:41:11 ET

it rules becuse of the benefits that we get.....
Im not talking about the medical benifits...I dont care about that shiz

I'm talking about the fact that we are allowd one free advertisement in the classifieds each month. I'm totally going to take avantage of will say:

"stunning, busty brunette seeks open-minded male for cuddles and car maintenance."

or some other random thing that I havent thought of yet...but I think that I'm going to go with the line above...yeah, thats the one I will use.

it will be great.

2006-06-20 08:48:00 ET

hahaha, that's awesome, where do you work?

2006-06-20 08:54:43 ET

at the local newspaper (which is why I get to advertise in the classifieds)

2006-06-20 09:50:23 ET

lmao, you are going ot have to post all replies that you get to the adds

2006-06-20 10:04:08 ET

haha fantastic, and here i was just going to use my free ad space to sell my car.

2006-06-20 10:59:21 ET

I think you shoudl post ads like this

Also, Are you in the local group for local people on myspace?

2006-06-20 12:40:03 ET

That sounds excellent.

I'd love to pitch some personals like these

2006-06-20 22:14:50 ET

hee hee, those advertisements were funny, I especially liked the one about the "perfectly ordinary woman"

also I *am* in the local group on myspace....I always get excited when I get to talk about the league....not many people know about it, and the people in the group are all around the age of its kind of weird to talk to them.

2006-06-20 22:33:26 ET


2006-06-21 06:13:32 ET

I thought you looked familiar. I'm in that group as well.

2006-06-21 08:00:27 ET

I know...I know

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