this is to anyone who knows duchess
2006-06-24 02:25:34 ET

duchess the dog that is...

today at work josephine was feeding in paper that was only one sheet it was making the machine really pissy.

josephine referred to this part of the machine as "duchess" she called it that because anytime she turned her back on it, it stopped working. it was almost like the machine was saying "look at me, look at me all the time, I need all your attention. I need you to look at me all the time!" very much like duchess the dog does.

for all of you who dont know duchess (as seen here: she has severe separation anxiety...when you leave her alone she freaks out and starts barking until you are near her and until you are paying attention to her.

2006-06-24 02:48:44 ET

duchess told me shes going to poop in your shoes the next time shes home.

2006-06-24 03:28:59 ET

the best part about this post, is that i can see you telling that story. therefore, it is hilarious.

2006-06-24 22:18:42 ET

you smell like poop

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