these days are dark, but we wont fall
2006-06-26 01:41:45 ET

Lord Voldemort is back......

this isnt a joke. I know this because Josephine's scar has been hurting her.

Josephine, just like the ministry, doesnt think its important to tell you guys about this. as I am a member of the order of the phoenix...I feel it is my duty to tell the population of wizards in the area about it. furthermore as those of you who are friends with her know, when her scar hurts it means Lord Voldemort...I mean You know who is gaining power.

it hurt her today at work, it has happened more than once since she has started this job....that means he's back. and that maybe he is someone we work with (on the back of somebody's head maybe? maybe on the back of somebody's head who had a big one....and who is always wearing hats.....curious....very curious)

try to keep in touch with other members of the order.
I leave you all with hope for the future.

2006-06-27 14:21:03 ET

we'll stick together through it all
what comes will come and when it does
we'll meet it with all of our courage.

I have the same birthday as Mr. Potter.

2006-06-28 09:17:17 ET


2006-06-28 11:33:11 ET

isn't harry's birthday july 13?

2006-06-28 12:58:39 ET


2006-06-28 14:15:46 ET

ohh yeah.
mine's the 13th.

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