not mariana inspired....or is it? (Gene Parmesan...private detective)
2006-07-08 01:32:57 ET

I also meant to mention (see my memory is bad, I forgot to write about this a few minutes ago when I posted a journal entry) that in the local newspaper there was an article that talked about how president Eisenhower "took care of the Mexican illegals" by deporting them in masses (which he called "operation wetback" apparently) the whole article was just crappy (the local writers aren't that great) but the article ended by saying of *ALL* the Mexicans living in the united states 85 percent of them are illegal... that sounds wrong, I haven't had time to find out what the actual numbers are, but the whole thing pissed me off, the article was kind of racist in the first place. I just would like to know where they got their information.

2006-07-08 08:15:46 ET

who wrote the article

2006-07-08 10:48:28 ET

this reminds me of the time you saved the article about the piņata... i think you brought it from bradford ... that was funny... this isn't... anywho ... sorry ... thats all ...

2006-07-08 12:51:02 ET

its this guy named John Dillin, I dont really know anything about him, because whenever I try and go to the newspaper website, it doesnt load.

2006-07-08 20:46:03 ET

what newspaper?

2006-07-09 05:13:17 ET

its the arizona daily sun

2006-07-09 05:51:18 ET

its also in flagstaff az.. there are a lot of sun news papers in az, duh sarah.

2006-07-09 11:27:28 ET

im watching two things back and forth ... this thing on kim catrall(sp) and animals planet " africa's king of the river" ( that could be wrong but its about hippo's its very intresting ...i don't understand why i am watching the other thing on kim ... sorry ... im a little bored.

2006-07-09 13:19:42 ET

no, I googled it, and the arizona daily sun is only in flagstaff

2006-07-09 16:06:13 ET

um yuma also has a sun

2006-07-09 22:47:26 ET

but thats "yuma daily sun"

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