letters to AZ and back
2006-07-09 05:27:38 ET

two days ago (or at least, I think it was two days ago...working at night fucks with my ability to know what day it is) I received a package from my younger sister (who lives in a far away land) in the package were the following:
-a painting she did, it is the largest she has done so far...she did it on one of her sheets, and was very surprised that our mom let her do so.
-a paint brush. it is the brush she used to paint it...she figured I would like it too.
-two letters she never sent
-a notebook that she wants to be sent back and forth so we can keep track of all of our letters to each other. (she added two rules to the notebook: one, you must add something onto the notebook before sending it, in addition to a letter. two, you *must* date the letter the notebook is titled "letters to AZ and back" (she made sure to underline back because she wants it to actually be sent back and forth) she put a few little pictures on the back and filled the inside cover with song lyrics. on the back there is a picture of my sweet little ralphie (who is my dog that lives with them)
-and a picture of her knuckles that said "ENGL. WHIZ" it made me laugh hysterically. I loved it.

I would also like to add that the package was decorated with little red polka dots...that I know were made with bingo dabbers...I know this, because I know my mom has several of them....and I know the difference between a normal painted dot, and a bingo dabber dot (that's right my mom plays bingo, what of it?)

I just started writing her back in it today...I'm not sure what my "cool little addition" will be yet. I'm really excited about it though, because I love receiving and sending mail... its one of my favorite things in life.

the end,
by sarah yohe

2006-07-09 11:28:53 ET

I read this earlier and i was just thinking of how samantha has always like a cool kid for her age ... and that matt reminds me of my brother sometimes ...

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