my new heros
2006-07-12 02:40:27 ET

are jo's cats....they are sweet as pie.

I am not very fond of bugs....especially large ones, or bugs/spiders that can jump/fly. today I was sitting at my computer and a very very HUGE grasshopper jumping in my window and landed right next to me. I freaked out and left my room until josephine came home from work at which point she grabbed the general (one of the cats) whispered in his ear "earn your keep" and put him in my room so they could battle to the death.

as you might have already guessed the general and grr (the other cat) won the battle, and saved my life. I was very thankful. now as I speak there is a little spider that is freaking me out. but jo will be in here to take care of it for me. (yeah, I know...Im a sissy, but I cant deal with insects...they just creep me out, they look like little aliens) (note to self...get screen for window)

*edit* the spider is now killed it.

2006-07-12 02:58:50 ET

pictures of the above mentioned cats, grr is the calico one and the general is the one in black and white.


2006-07-12 04:16:29 ET

I feel sympathy for Spiders. :((

2006-07-12 04:52:08 ET

i felt nothing but joy when i was pummeling it with a Popsicle stick.

2006-07-12 05:27:21 ET

That story made me smile. I just am glad Im not a grasshopper.

2006-07-12 06:24:32 ET

Grr is cute but that is her weapon! She seduces you but has the heart of a killer.
The General is just fucking Harsh.
This harsh.

Also "earn your keep" is the reason Josephine is one of the funniest people I have ever spoken to.

2006-07-12 13:16:35 ET

Jordy-I was terrified....I had to get rid of it by whatever means nessesary
spacematt- its made me laugh for hours....also I told everyone I have seen about it. (because it was so funny)

2006-07-12 16:27:28 ET

Yer, I hate how they jump up on you @_@ I didn't mean it like that haha. ~_~

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