new addition to heroes list
2006-07-13 02:37:13 ET

there is a man named Lee that me Jo, and Maria work with.
He is one of my heroes. He is a 70 year old badass. He will come down to where we are doing the "tie outs" (which is where the carriers get their bundles of newspapers) and take over and leave whoever is down there working with nothing to do. again, he is a badass.

I got really excited because today at work he said "good eye sarah" because I saw a "non opener" in a bundle of newspapers before it got given to a carrier. this made me really excited.

he is also one of the sweetest men alive. at the end of the day (well I guess its night) he will say "good job girls" to me jo and maria. he can always put me in a good mood when I dont feel like working.

the end.
by Sarah Yohe

2006-07-13 06:38:28 ET

supervisors that understand positive reinforcement are the best

2006-07-14 02:32:46 ET

its true, really it is....if only my boss were more like him

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