Da League
2006-07-13 12:51:22 ET

I have been watching The League of Gentlemen a lot lately. yesterday I even made Jo stay up until 7am with me watching the second series. I just love them so much......they are my favorite. Are there any other League of gentlemen fans here? I havent really seen anyone else talk about them. I know that Spacematt is a fan.....THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE TALKING ABOUT THE LEAGUE!!!!!!!!

2006-07-13 14:57:55 ET

this better be serious
or is it all a big BLOODY JOKE TO YOU?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?

2006-07-14 02:28:52 ET

matt, tell them mau mau.....

you know, the one about the mau mau

2006-07-15 12:46:56 ET

uh...i....i...I can't rememba!

2006-07-19 14:10:35 ET

dear sarah,

i think the league is alright, even though the nose bleeds gross me out. and also tubs.

are you off work tonight?

from emily

2006-07-20 02:04:02 ET

umm, I'm not off work..well I mean I am now, but its roughly 4am...so yeah, also I posted something about pizza club. see me in person about is ASAP!!! I need to know if you are going to be a member, or will be at the next meeting.

love sarah

2006-07-20 05:27:54 ET

i don't see anything about pizza club. anyway, my work schedule(for fall) has me being done on wednesdays at 7, so if the meetings stay at 6, i don't know if i can. also, i thought it got cancelled yesterday?

2006-07-20 14:34:47 ET

its on myspace....which is why I said you need to talk to me in person. duh emily.....god. and it wasnt canceled, just pushed back.

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