I'm a wizird, wizird, wizird, wizird man!
2006-08-26 05:38:44 ET

AW CRAP!!! I was supposed to give maria a blank cd so she can make me a mix cd...I forgot (dammit!) maybe I'll remember to bring one to work tonight...hopefully. (I figured if I write it out, then I'll remember to do it)

my hair is black again. thank god....its happy now, no more dry fading hair.

I just spent the rest of the evening after work at maria's apartment, dying my hair, and watching tv. I was supposed to grab the league of gentlemen so I could show her more (I told her about the legs akimbo theater group and herr lip...this made her laugh) but I forgot them, so instead we watched pimp my ride. I must say, I liked the show a lot more when it was still west coast customs....now its "gas" I dont like them....at all.

(I just freaked out right now because I looked at my bank account to see how much I have, and I saw that I spent $82 at wal-mart, and I thought to myself "I did NOT spend freakin 82 dollars at wal-mart!" and then I realized that I got cash back, and that is why it was 82... makes sense now)

ps. my calves hurt bad...I think I need a massage.

2006-08-26 11:27:12 ET

but you never let me touch you...

2006-08-26 11:53:08 ET

yeah as i was driving away i was like 'wait she was supposed to give me a cd ... i am not about to turn around. argh'

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