work work work
2006-08-28 00:59:56 ET

work didnt suck today...I thought it was going to, because I stayed up past 1pm (when I had to work at 6pm) I spent most of the day talking to brandon and Lee (lee is the sweet old man that rules so hard) we were talking shit about "octoberfest" (quick story of octoberfest: her name is may or mae...I'm not sure how its spelled, but she never calls maria "maria" she calls her "marie" that isnt her name! how hard is it to say the "a" at the end of her name? anywho, me and maria were told we should start calling her by other months, like "june" or "april" and slowly but surely her name evolved to other months, and got to october, and now she goes by octoberfest)she's an idiot!!! and she is rude, and lazy, she never really does anything at work, she stares at things and fucks shit up...thats about all she does. I was really glad to find out that people other than me and maria feel this way about her....ahh, it feels so good.

2006-08-28 01:25:59 ET

josephine hates her too, fun fact.

2006-08-28 07:25:43 ET

I know...I know

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