dont leave me alone with paul...THE RANT (its long)
2006-09-03 03:37:27 ET

I have already spent too much time with him. (paul is one of my roommates)

almost everybody I know went out of town this weekend. (this excludes kaelen and maria...they were here) but anywho, I was kinda pissed when I saw maria because I had spent roughly 4 hours with paul... it was too much. (I already told maria about work, but anywho) when he got home after I woke up he asked me to help him bring in groceries...I dont mind doing that, so I did... but at the time I was talking to mariana on aim (and I rarely get to talk to her because I dont have a cell phone and we have conflicting schedules) and after I helped him he got on my computer so I couldnt finish my conversation with her, I was upset. then I just wanted to sit around the house and relax before work...but paul wanted to go "rent a movie" I told him I really didnt feel like going anywhere, but he insisted on me going, so I said fine. I went to my room so I could change out of my pj's and during that time kaelen came over to ask if I wanted to go with her to get work done on her tattoo, I thought "oh thank God, kaelen came to the rescue" but before I could say sure, paul said "oh, well we were going to go rent a movie" I ended up going to hastings and SHOPPING with him...I hate shopping and he knows it, I just cant stand it. after spending WAY too long at the store we finally came home, where he tried to get me to eat Thai food, which I dont really care for...he also knows this. he also insulted my cooking....and umm little fact about him, he SUCKS at cooking. he can make some foods okay, but he has never made anything delicious...NEVER (he thinks he can cook like jo...but he cant....I can cook better than him) and kept making little comments that just pissed me off....

I went to work today, and forgot about the whole thing...because generally if I'm mad I will get over it shortly, I dont stay mad unless you've done something terrible. (what he did wasnt really terrible, just annoying) but when I got home, he did NOT clean up all his nasty food (which he himself said was bad) and he left on a bunch of lights...when just the other day he was telling me how he gets pissed when he comes home and extra lights are on, or a tv or fan is left on...but he did it too.....OH SHIZ!!!!! it just pissed me off now I'm just going nuts.

to end it all, I kind of wanted the house to stay clean....I know jo did too, my sister and brother in law are comming to visit and the great mr. quintero is also comming up, so now I know I need to clean up all of paul's shit tomorrow morning....and by tomorrow I mean in like 4 hours when I get up, I'm not excited.

2006-09-03 07:35:53 ET

hey lady. call us when you get up. we're not doing anything terribly exciting, but it doesn't involve shopping or making you eat bad food. also we have our own internet access?

i think that no one confronts paul and that's the problem with the whole situation. i know he'll get pisse doff and passive aggressive, but you shoudl tell hime you will NOT eat thai or that you were on the comp with mariana. well, maybe you did tell him and i'm just assuming. anyway, call or come over when you wake up. we can also give you a ride to work.

2006-09-03 16:44:53 ET

aw shit girl, im sorry!

2006-09-03 23:11:29 ET

im sorry i left to online i was going to tell you something but i completely forgot. i'm sorry you aren't having the best time ever ... im not too sure when it was that were were talking but i do reember that you had to go because you had to help him with groceries anywho i still feel bad bu maybe i can call you sometime after nine wed or thurs.

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