fuck yeh!!!!!!! \m/2005-04-05 21:14:14 ET

just got home.

went to see sin city with te girl then went for some pitchers.

there was these nasty guys hitting on us then they got mad and threw a beer at us when we said they couldnt sit down with us for a drink.


man i cant wait to get the fuck outtah here.

xoxoxox2005-04-04 11:31:14 ET

so i have this nasty cold or something i dont kno exactly what it is, but its making my head all cloudy and funky.

and making my face feel very tired.

i have to go to the dentist today and get my teeth cleaned at 3 pm.

and its with this new weird one who alot of girls think is HOTT, but i think not at all, and he tries to make small talk and semi flirt with you. its really lame.

he said i have to get a veener for my front tooth. i think its not covered since its mainy a vanity issue and will cost about 500-800 rupee.

i am also going to go in and talk to my boss today, im kind of worried since i missed about a whole week and a half from the whole cracking of the ribs issue.

i called her on friday and left a message teling her i wanted to try and come in on tuesday but she has yet to call me back, so mom said i should just go in and talk to her to show her im ok and shit, even tho my ribs still hurt, its NOTHING like they did and i cant sit in my bed at home forever. i really need to get this fucking computer fixed and a new keybaord, i HATE HATE HATE being so damnbroke how am i suppose to even move back to vic with no money, i talked to my roomate and she has decided to move to mexico, so then i thought well why should i even go, then aMy said i shud get a place with sevy since me and him and robyn are all coming back from the yukon at the same time. but do i really wanna live with him?? i can see myself doing everything already, and him eating al my food and wrecking things like my dvd player and computer, meh, its awhile away all i kno is that i cant live there without a roomate i cant afford it, im going to talk to nixXx and aj and see if i can room with one of them, they are the only other ppl i can see myself iving with and not kiling beside whitney.

i got so reatardly hammerd on friday and it came down to us walking around downtown at like 7 am, and i thought to myself uhhhhh this isnt the city, and we are not teenagers, i wanna go home, then i got home and proceeded to go thru my inbox and reply to emails that were in there, which was a hooooorrible move, i sent and said alot of horribly emabarrasing things to ppl, including steph. and i they were barely even readable, i sent one to my mom saying im so messed up and when you wake me up if she could make me pancakes and bring me a puppy.

i am soo needy i constantly need people to validate me and give me lots of attention, if i ever knew anyone like me i whould tel them to fuck off.

but have a good monday everyone!

so now im effin sick..........2005-04-01 14:28:27 ET

so now im fucking sick witht he flu or a cold or something.

bah and i really wanna go out tonight i havent gone out in soooo long.

but i know that if i go out drinking i will wanna go out skateing and im already hurt.

but some old friends are in town.

merh i dunno desicions desicions. <-----(sp?)<BR>
but if i go out then i might make this cold werse, and hurt my ribs even more.

oh and i guess there is 60/40 mix going around the the higher percentage is meth and all these coke fiends are going crazee, which means lots of fight and shit.

i dont think i wanna deal with that. man you gottah hate small towns.


oh yeh2005-03-29 12:21:17 ET

i fucking cracked my rib on thursday night trying to do a railslide.

i sadly wiped out and fell down the stairs.

numbed the pain with alot of beer and powered candy.

i have to stay away from any type of strain or work.

i thought it whould be great fun to be lazy. but it actually really sucks.

and all i wanna do is go skate and do some new tags.

holy poopie pants russians.2005-03-29 11:35:21 ET

so its been awhile eh.

what have i been missing out on??

ummm...where all the fellow canadians that have joined that i dont know about yet.

hit me up.

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