2007-02-23 07:46:28 ET
I'm really sick of highschool girls and their gossip, even though I'm not even in school right now.

I'll fuck whomever i want, thank you very much. If I was a boy I'd only be getting props for it.

Don't call me a slut if you're just as bad.

boys with long hair and sweet tattoos are my favorite.

my bestfriends are sketchy as fuck.

my boss is more of a father to me then my dad and step dad combined.

I have life management everyday. Tim is making me a better woman.

I absolutly love my job, and no one understands that.

I wanna goto montreal and get drunken tattoos.

I wish you'd all stop doing coke and E, espeshilly at my house.

I lose my keys like everyday.

I can't afford to live on my own.

Karmin and I arn't speaking, over a boy.


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