2007-02-17 06:54:43 ET
so Brett and Justin are at our apartment like, every second day. And they usually spend the night, without telling us they plan on it. And every night Brett doesn't sleep with Karmin, she has Darryl over.

For Valentines Day, Justin and Brett decided to be nice adn do special things for us. Brett had planned on buying karmin a cow's heart, and putting it in a box of chocolates. lol. unfortunatly, he couldn't get the heart and he just ended up taking her out for dinner while me and justin had a candle lit dinner i cooked myself. and he got me candy and a teddy bear and he made me a mixed cd. cute.

I can't belive Justin's slept over 4 tiems this week and nothing happens between us at all. And we're usually drunk, so wtf?

I met some cute metal boys from NB today, at work through a girl i helped set up with a suicide girls photo shoot, and they migth come over tongiht instead of sleeping in their car. I'm sure Karmin won't let them though. Plus, Brett and Justin are comming over.

I'd really like a change of hangouts though.

I gave justin rings for his piercings last night, snakebits are so fucking cute, and he didnt stab me all nigth for once.

I don't understand whats gonig on between us, we're pretty much dating but we dont do anything but make out and cuddel. and of course, we're not going out. It work pretty perfectly though, justina nd brett are best friends and then me and karmina re best friends, and brett likes karmin she likes him but won't let on that she does. hah..

All I do at work is myspace, and blog, and facebook.

I was accused of being high when I came to work today, And told I'd be fiered on the spot if i was. Lucily, I wasn't, i just reeked from last night. And my boss understood.

Ahh.. customers in the store...

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