2007-01-28 08:04:16 ET
fucked up night once again.

i think karmins mad at me because steve stopped paying attention to her after brett deicided to "protect" her.
its not my fault you were too busy with brett alone in his room.
what happened to us sleeping on the couch together? how the fuck does that turn into you sleeping in bretts bed and getting mad when i dont want to sleep there too. bitch.

steve's too much of a man whore.
my neck hurts.
my insides hurt.

justin makes the fucking wierdest noises when he sleeps.
he like clucks or ticks or clicks or something.
fuck i duno, i just know he woke me up with it like 5 times.
and it was really fucking loud.

Justin was my protection from Steve.
He failed.
As soon as he left Steve was on me within 10 seconds.
I told him I was too good for him, and that he was nothnig more than a whore.
I let him get me off, but I didn't touch him.
I also told him I'd rather be fucking around with Justin right now.
and with that, i ran upstairs and crawled into bed next to justin, who of course was a gentleman and just cuddeled. and made fucked up noises.

I don't rememebr much of why we were in the bathroom, prehaps becasue of Steve, yeah it was cause of Steve. Karmin and I were hiding from his constant whispers and groping. anyways. Brett joined. I think we all made out.
I duno.
we always 3 way make out, no way that could have not happened.

yeah i kissed karmin a lot.
i think she was getting weirded out.
i just like to kiss people man.

Too little jack, too little beer.
actually, thats what we thought, but it turned out allright.
thank god we drank it all in 15 mins.

i woke up at 9, as far away from justin asi could get because of that fucknig noise, and went and jumped on steve.
of course, steve being steve, he just wanted to fuck around again.
So i woke up brett adn karmin.
and brett freaked out at steve, then drove us home.
now here i am at work.
fuck. ive had 8 hours sleep in the past 3 days.

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