2007-01-27 09:04:06 ET
so last night was fucked up.
everyone except me started off with some coke, move to ecstasy, then to dexies.
and they kept me up till aout 5.
I'm at work right now, coffee is keeping me sane.
I think Justin was trying to impress me, because he refused a bunch of free drugs, and thats totaly out of character for him.
before i went to sleep i snuck into the computer room and gave him a goodnight kiss.
and I woke up to him playing guitar this morning, so I went upstairs and just cuddeled up to him for an hour or so.
hes way too fucking shy.
apparently he's interested, but i dunno.
I'm not too interested, because he's kinda a druggie.
but props to him for not doing more than a line last night.
way too many drugs going on around me.

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