2006-12-10 17:17:51 ET
i fucked the lead singer of anonymus. and he was fucking amazing.

at necros, on the laundry room floor. He took me aside when the band was going to sleep in the living room after the Gus' show and asked me if i wanted to sleep with him. I said there was no where for us to sleep and he pushes open the laundry room door. he made a bed from his sleeping bag and some sheets we found and omg best sex of life. and he was starring deeply into my eyes the whole time which was fucking hot as hell. Holy crap. I've never seen a guy with so much chest hair. my bullet bracelet kept on getting stuck in his hair. heh. annd i think the best part was the fact that he's french and spanish and he had the sexiest accent, and he even said oui oui oui, i almost laughed. He said they're comming back for another show in the spring, ic ant wait they're an amazing band. the crowd loved them. oh and i told him to take his clothes off between songs through the microphone and he replied with stick with me later well see what happenes. I completly ditched troy to leave with the band. karmin got kicked out of the bar 3 songs into black moors set. i still had an awesome time. When we were about to fall asleep, he was saying good night and that i was beautiful in spanish. fucking sweet. When i was walking to work in the morning, i couldnt stop smiling. I was even randomly giggling and smiling to myslef. annnd when we were about to sleep he asked me to sleep naked with him. ahhh. fuck im a happy girl today.

oh yeah, the other night (thursday?) i went to don's hosue. Actually we went to brysons together first but thankfully bryson was at work, wich is the only reason i agreed to go there. we drank and went back to dons where we sontinued to drink until 6am. it was 2 8 packs half a quart of jim beam half a quart of something else, and a bottle of wine before we went to bed. his roomates were in-fucking-sane. They were in barefeet throwing knives at eachothers trying to see who could get the closest. fucknig stupid shit. then they threw a huge filing cabnit out of a 3rd story window at 3am. we could hear his roomates fucking about us for like an hour when we were just laying awake in his bed. i smelt like absolute fuckinnig shit the next day because of the 4 dogs and his discusting shit hole apartment. he wants me to come over again this week and as he puts it "get wrecked and die". i dunno if i will.
oh yeah, dons actually good at somehting. im impressed. squegee kids cant do anything else right.

but seriously, the guy from anonymous, was the best.
only downside to fucking him? he's 32.
thats a 14 year age difference.
no wonder he was so good.
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