2006-12-04 16:15:27 ET
brysons a fucknig dumbass. he called me up for breakfast then spent an hour and a half bawling like a fucking child and gonig on about how he wanted to kill himself.

i have no fucking sympathy for you.

I kissed 3 boys gave my number to two and then ended up fucking someone completly different.

I want justin.

Karmina nd I partied with Kataklysm, Terratomb, Hellacaust and burning Moon along with others saturday night. We almost got kicked out of the party for being underage but Dunlop saved our asses.

Then we found out him and Ali broke up.

Karmin saw Bill, I interrupted.

Karmin also fucked Jason Decay, I'm so proud.

I passed out early at the cauldron after party, the pavillion and the bar were just too much. Danny really shouldnt buy me so many beers.

Whoedness singer was sweet on us. We're in with whoedness now too.

Also, I was halping the singer for terratomb do his xmas shopping the other day, hes sweet.

I kissed a boy with a girlfriend. He was cute as fuck. but he lives in new brunswick.

thats all the updates i have for now.

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