2006-10-02 07:26:25 ET
i got really drunk friday night at Stage 9 with Karmin adn slept with the guitarist from hellacaust. I feel like such a groupie, just because when my sister asked what he looked like I had to pull out his cd's to show her. uggh. It was actually the best night I've had in months. I had gotten my tattoo earlier that day and it is by far my favorite. so beautiful. this cute guy was buying me drinks all night. And Karmin met the hottest guy ever, who sings in gorged. He invited us back to the hella house for the after party where the fun just continued. I feel kinda bad, because troy from hellacaust was pretty mcuh a one night stand and I snuck out while he was in the bathroom. He realised i was gone adn ran out the door to say bye. heh.

Bryson called me for the first time last ngiht during my staff meeting.

Staff meeting went great, it really wasn't bad at all. And dinner was great. Tim gave our waiter a really hard time but we had fun with it.

I went to the hospital today and had everything taken care of. I feel a hell of a lot better about life in general.

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