2006-09-28 17:17:04 ET
I finally heard from bryson, in the form of a 2 sentence myspace message.

Tomorrow will be just what I need to feel better.
I'm getting tattooed at 1 and my bestfriend Karmin's tagging along. Then we're being snuck into Stage 9 (local bar) for the cryptopsy and skinless show, except cryptopsy cancelled, those fucks. We met the promoter at Moterhead over a year ago and smoked her up in the bathroom and she seems to think she owes us for those few tokes. whatever, works out great for us.

tattoos and metal. fuckin sweet.

Karmins pumped on the hot boys that'll be there to take our minds off of all our rediculous problems.

I kinda am too.
because theirs this cute boy who wants to meet me and he might be there.
my coworker knows him and says he's the sweetest.
I'm not trying to get involved or anything, but meeting someone nice would be great, I always wind up with the worst guys.

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