dreds    2005-01-15 08:02:42 ET
So my friend Katie offers to put yarn dreds into my hair, and I'm totaly excited about it. Then today I call Lisa, who was there when Katie offered to do my hair, and she tells me she's busy putting yarn dreds in her hair, AND she's doing them the same color I wanted :*( this blows. I really wanted to have them done, but now if I do I'll look like a total copycat. gr. Maby I'll just get them done anyways, and mine will be so much betetr because I have a full head of hair and Lisa has a mohawk. :( actually I definetly won't. I'm just being a bitch because I didn't get them first. Oh well.

Last night Jon and I went out to pick up some pot, and our dealers sorta girlfriend was there waiting to meet up with him too and she wouldn't fucking shut up about how she's doing E tonight. She was pretty much bragging that she's a total E head. It sounded completly stupid. I wanted to slap her. Her and her smelly friend. Pretty much all of Jon's friends have been doing a lot of ecstacy latley, and I'm pretty sure they're all doing acid tonight. I hope Jon doesn't change his mind about drugs like that and do it too. I know he wants to try acid, but he said he wanted to do it with me in the summer as a one time thing. I always worry that he's going to go take something stupid and something will happen to him. I worry way too much. He's definetly smarter than that. It's just that he's the only one in his group of friends that isn't into pills and stuff.

Tonight Noelle and I are hanging out. Lisa and I might meet up to smoke a bowl before that but that all depends on when she finishes putting her dreds in. bleh. I'm so jealous.
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