x x x .    2005-01-12 10:17:27 ET
Last night Jon and I watched The Village. It was really good, I want too see it again. Jon didn't like it much but I sure did. Before the movie Jon let me straighten his hair, It was extreamly hott <3 His hair's pretty straight anyways it just curls at the tips so it looked about 2 inches longer with it strightened. Today Lisa brought Return of the Living Dead to school for me, so Jon's making me hot dogs and chicken strips for supper and we're watching it. Classes today seemed to go by really fast. In Entreprenuership I made Naz listen to some down and Black Label Society, he said he liked the music but the singing was horrible. His music is horrible. He made me listen to this band named Drug Love yesterday and it was crap. Anyways, I need to go get ready to goto Jon's.

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