2009-12-13 13:24:27 ET

you're an asshole. you're just pissed cause i wouldn't fuck you. and now you're using my shit that i confided in you to get into another girls pants? wow. pretty fucking classy. keep my name out of your mouth.

and i can't believe you would manipulate my situation right now to try and get into MY pants. you don't care about me. you just saw me as a vulnerable girl. guess what? i'm not that fucking girl.

fuck you. the end.

2009-12-13 14:10:25 ET

Without even a glance at this entry $10 says it's about a dude.

Am I right...


2009-12-13 14:41:30 ET

lol yep...one of the many who isn't worth the ego he has...

2009-12-13 14:46:34 ET

Just a bit of friendly advice:


2009-12-13 15:52:08 ET

but i love you, emily ):

2009-12-13 17:26:33 ET

emily? who the hell is emily? lol =] oh lars...you funny funny man

2009-12-13 18:02:07 ET

and i rly don't care that much i just had to get it out. this guy wasn't a boyfriend just a random kid that i recently saw the real colors of. so whatev. i'm over it i just had to freak out for a min =]

2009-12-14 13:54:26 ET

sounds like a real douche bag .... I know a few of them myself ...

2009-12-14 17:01:56 ET

i don't find such serious things to be funny, emily!

2009-12-14 18:22:25 ET

they're not funny rudolph but they still happen!

2009-12-14 18:26:52 ET

who the hell is rudolph? you just called me lars a bit ago.

i'm confused now!

2009-12-14 18:48:19 ET

you are now rudolph. poof. it is done.

2009-12-14 18:49:29 ET

i feel violated. :frown:

2009-12-14 18:54:35 ET

awh...that's not my job. that's for your pretty pretty gf =]

2009-12-14 18:57:49 ET

no pretty much everyone violates me at will. it is my lot in life |-:

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