2010-08-19 05:54:42 ET

I leave on monday =[

I've already decided i'm not wearing makeup cause it's just gonna end up down my face.

It's weird that i've only been here 2 weeks and i feel comfortable here. I know it's not like hugely different than home but still...i've never been to another country before but Matt makes me wanna move here.

The only downsides to moving i see is i won't have constant contact with my friends anymore. like i can't just text them and see them in 20 minutes. Matt and his friend Corey are the only 2 people i really know here... and i know it sounds stupid but i have cravings for fast food chains they don't have here...Chipotle, Sonic, Cold Stone...

it's just going to be an adjustment..but i have 5 years to consider it i guess...

Not saying Matt already isn't worth giving up those things...but I want to make my life here easy to transition between the two countries since i'll be going home every so often.

bleh i'm rambling...

I do like it here though. Except not poutine. lol. i tried it. not a fan.

But i'm kind of excited to get back home, finish college, and only pay 6.3% sales tax again. lol

2010-08-19 06:45:13 ET

I'm so glad the visit has been amazing and things are still going well with you two.

Chipotle is really good...and hard to give up.

2010-08-19 07:10:00 ET

dude ... you didn't like poutine ?? I think thats the first time i've ever heard that LOL

2010-08-19 07:15:12 ET

well i had it at a fast food place. matt said it is better from chip stands. but yeah the gravy tasted weird to me :S

2010-08-19 11:36:14 ET

What is poutine?

2010-08-19 16:26:52 ET

it's fries with chunks of mozzarella and covered in brown gravy (the origin of which is unknown..) if the gravy hadn't been weird it would have been fine. but it's like the difference in a home made salad and a salad from mcdonalds ya know? home made is always better.

2010-08-20 02:06:47 ET

you can always make friends and a home wherever you are. just remember that.

2010-08-20 05:47:00 ET

i know that...and i mean being in the military i've moved around alot and i have friends from all over...but it's the fact that while i'm at home i can call my best friend and be like "hey meet me at the mall" or whatever...but if she's 20 hours away i can't do that lol.

it's a scary thing...moving to a new country and even though i don't really have to, i wanna learn French fluently. It's just the thought that i only know 2 people in a WHOLE country ya know?

2010-08-20 14:10:05 ET

time to make moar best friends! (;

2010-08-20 14:10:46 ET

i dunno i've never been scared of going somewhere where i don't necessarily know anyone. granted nowadays i know people in most major cities around the world, which is nice, but you can always get to know more people and there are good people everywhere.

2010-08-20 15:21:03 ET

not saying there's not. and i know it'll be ok. when i went back to college after 2 yrs of being away i never thought i'd be close to people younger than me. and i have friends there now that i'm already sad i have to leave this semester.

i know what you're saying rudolph...but it's still scaryish =]

plus they don't have debit cards or decent cell service here. :P

2010-08-21 19:50:27 ET

yeah, i wouldn't move to canada. but you have fun with it! d-;

2010-08-22 04:54:25 ET

well he can't move here cause his son's mom would throw the biggest whore fit heard round the world so basically if i end up with him forever then i have to move to Canada so...yeah lol

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