flourescent lighting gives you psychic melanoma.2002-12-16 12:38:10 ET

in those rare moments where i am totally in love with the world, all i have to do is go to WalMart and i instantly snap out of it.
it is there that i am reminded of why i don't leave the house much.
i'm home now, detoxing. if only i had remembered to wear my tin foil suit. next time gadget.

"what the fuck?" as my mantra2002-12-14 06:57:40 ET

yesterday was one of the most wonderful days of my life. where the fuck do i start?

i wake up to find the tarantula that i thought dead to not only be alive, but newly molted, and bright pink.

i go over digit's house. while he was in the shower, i was waiting for him in his room when my cell phone rings. it's my parents. they recieved a call from MassArt.
Not only did I get into MassArt, but apparently they are breaking the rule barring mid year entry for me. they want me to start in a month. they CALL me, they don't send a letter.
i get reduced tuition. i don't live in a dorm, i live in a brand new artist's residence, normally reserved for upper classmen. what the fuck?

and i'm not even going into how beautiful the chashama show was in every way. you missed out, fuckers. highlights included me going on a liquor run for genesis, hearing amazing stories from bryin dall, something huge in the near future that i don't think i'm allowed to tell anyone about that hopefully includes me, and at the ass end of the night, when like ten people were left, heartworm's absolutely brilliant set. if you read this, bravo sir.

so i'm fucking wired and won't be sleeping for a few days.

what the fuck?

the jarboe show wasn't actually a jarboe show. she is doing one cover song as part of a simon and garfunkel tribute. $18. fuck no. so i'm back home now.

2002-12-13 06:34:49 ET

wonderful news!
though my tarantula was upside down and almost totally unresponsive to touch through most of yesterday, she was found late last night right side up, with a new bright pink thorax! she molted! and she even replaced the leg she lost a year ago!
i do the snoopy dance now.

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