there is a horrible face and i am very frightened of it2002-11-09 21:41:22 ET

i am very sad
because i was just happy
but i am not anymore.
i have a piece of plastic that is eight inches.
i must cut it in two. it sits in my lap.
i have deadlines and i have ley lines. there are also life lines, though they are shrinking.
i am tired.
if i stop i might not be able to start again.
i have 17 index cards, each have a portrait of a rabbit.
i believe the moon has given me an infection. there are worms crawling all over the moon. worms have bored holes into the moon and are crawling.
flourescent light is refracted by glass. there is a very high pitch noise that is throbbing in my head. since i was twelve, my ears pop every time i swallow.
worms have given me an infection. deadlines are throbbing and sit in my lap. if i start i might not be able to start again. sometimes i feel as though i am in trouble. teeth can sometimes be seen coming out of the side of my head. there is a creaking sound spilling from the chest, or perhaps it is dampened.
there is a time and there is a place.
i make butter from orchids and rub it on wounds.
animals sometimes come to visit.
there is the tiniest chamber, no bigger than the eye of a needle. in the chamber it is 6700 degrees. this chamber is under an immense vacuum and rests in the center of my heart. this chamber emits a brilliant light that is promptly consumed by an immense vaccuum.
i sometimes have panics that carry over from when i sleep.
the eyes of rabbits have been stolen, i have seen them before and possess a terrible fear.
in due time the egg will crack and your mother will be pouring from her head. in due time it will help to engage from the body. what a terrible fear that possesses me.
it wants me to stop breathing and it makes me sleepy. i have let something awful in the room. my eyes have been stolen and there is a snake uncoiling at the base of my spine. that which throbs and releases is necessary. the piece of plastic that sits in my lap is gone.

2002-11-05 09:13:20 ET

hi, buy me THIS. k thx.

2002-11-04 12:51:15 ET

there was an ugly yellow and pink background to this. i spent the better half of the afternoon whiting it out by hand.
i'm pleased with the results. ideas for using this are brewing in my head.

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