psychogeography 1012002-10-31 13:42:39 ET

where do you go to be alone

heart jon2002-10-30 18:49:44 ET

nex23: i think i decided
nex23: if things ever fall apart with me and jen
nex23: i am done with girls
nex23: at least for a long time i would be
Anima Neglect: i was done with girls for a long long time
Anima Neglect: i think i'm slowly snapping out of it
Anima Neglect: i still tie them to traintracks though
nex23: (and that doesnt mean i would start with boys)
Anima Neglect: dammit
Anima Neglect: i almost had you there
nex23: im sorry andy
nex23: i dont mean to be a cocktease

CowCud Is A Twin2002-10-30 09:17:05 ET

quick things to note:
1. jackass is a good movie.
2. once again i smell like thinner.
3. i need to exercise my back. its not often that you get to see your own back, but i did last night. and i am unimpressed. how the hell do you work your lower back and sides?
4. dreading halloween.
5. shinjuku thief <3
6. there's a party in my pants and you're not invited.
7. trust no one:

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