Anomalism 7-16
2003-07-16 17:42:02 ET

I added some pics, seems to have worked. I'm sitting here eating Tyson spicy chicken tenders and some kind of oven fries. Easy bake stuff that a man can make without messing up. I'm listening to my son's mp3 files(he wrote his own player), they are in a strange order. I just went from Primus to thrak to Depech Mode to mushroomhead? and now I have 18 lbs of cat wanting my food, his name is Baldric alias "the load." I'll do a pic of some of the (6) cats later.

2003-07-16 18:29:24 ET

dude you really look like the edge big time.

2003-07-17 00:28:25 ET

primus to depeche mode?

sounds like one of my mixes O_o

2003-07-17 06:47:14 ET

moonglow: More like a MUCH better version of patrick stewart. camo/spongebob is a winning combination!
6 cats? i bet everyday is fun with six cats!

2003-07-17 16:30:20 ET

Yuo should see the one with no shirt, gruesome farmers tan.

2003-07-18 00:25:08 ET

Wish I could play like Edge and act like Patrick Stewart.

2003-07-18 12:26:04 ET

no doubt!;)you could be all up in outerspace in the enterprise playing your guitar all over the universe-rOK! you could play for the borg-lol!

2003-07-18 16:41:46 ET

Oh yea I could do a heavy mettal "All your base" at them. lol%)

2003-07-18 17:38:27 ET


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