Anomalism 7-17
2003-07-17 17:42:26 ET

I'm having the same dinner again tonight. I am sure I will be criticised by the lady Anomalous when she gets home. But it tasted like "do it again" ya know. And the load is pestering me for food again(he's on a diet).
I thought that I would need duct tape to hold my head on when I ask one of my bosses today why my dissabled trailer(for hauling my mowers around )was not being repaired. He said something about having to order and then wait for an axel like the other downed trailer. I then mentioned to him that the other trailer is larger and newer than mine and that the axel that they tried to use on it was actually for my trailer. I then suggested to him that we might just might should try putting it on my trailer(WERE IT GOES) so that we could at least appear to have a clue! He gave me an uncomprehending look, I could see that gears were turning but solutions were not being reached. I gave up, I guess leading them step by step through the process was not enough . Or maybe if it is not thier idea it cannot be a good idea, even though these people have thier jobs because I declined to be promoted ahead of them. Ugghhh!!!
She just walked in and she did mention the sameness of dinner.

2003-07-17 17:49:30 ET

do it again dinners

i like it.

2003-07-17 18:49:53 ET

heee. I'd be happy someone was cooking at all! =)

2003-07-17 18:56:57 ET

its sad knowing you are smarter than the people you work for...or is it...i dunno...

2003-07-17 20:26:47 ET

Oh, don't get me started.

2003-07-18 00:26:01 ET

i had a wonderfully nutritious meal of maccaroni and beef in a can tonight.


2003-07-18 04:50:43 ET

Nothing wrong with repeating dinners. Somethings bear repeating, yanno?

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