Anomalism 7-18
2003-07-18 18:29:24 ET

I had a long conversation with a very very dangerous co worker today after work. It appears that he has been studying martial arts since he was 3. He has 5 black belts and he thinks of knife fighting as a sport(he showed me the suture kit that he carries with him all the time). He also has many projectile weapons as well. His father and brother are special forces types so they are a fairly deadly family. Very interesting yes?

2003-07-18 18:34:22 ET

hmm...yes indeed...sounds cool, actually

2003-07-18 18:36:34 ET

i'd be scared. and i'd run.

of course, just knowing how to kick properly would make me do that.

2003-07-18 18:38:58 ET

Are they for hire?

2003-07-18 18:44:25 ET

Yes, interesting.

2003-07-18 19:23:36 ET

eh, public masturbation is always soooo embarrassing... ;)

2003-07-18 19:43:06 ET

those guys would KIck my Ass in a jiffy,. I took karate when I was a kid but I never really got into knives, I do like ninja stars though, they're so bad ass...

2003-07-18 19:55:18 ET

Badass. Double-edged sword though. If they ever used their abilities offensively they'd face heavier punishment than the untrained. Possibly a reason why one might want to teach themselves at home.

2003-07-18 22:05:35 ET

you ever hit yourself in the nads trying to use Knun-Chucks? it's painful,...

2003-07-19 04:57:34 ET

yep... i have 5 black belts but i've only been practicing since i was 12 years old... oh, and i'm also very lazy ;-P
so, my laziness has made it so i'm not in the best shape i could be in... ok, so i'm not in great shape... i can still kick butt pretty well...
oh, and i'm also trained in firearms and used to teach a firearms safety course. and i worked for a fireworks company under the table for a few months back a few years... they just contracted me because i gave them a good deal at the time. it was entirely illegal too... maybe the company went under by now?

2003-07-19 11:38:19 ET

I myself have none belts, and must therefor rely on an intimidating presence and an air of confidence. That and staying the hell out of places were I would need to be dangerous.
I do enjoy projectile weapons though.

2003-07-19 13:30:41 ET

I live with a very dangerous person as well. My dad! Just he never uses violence on us. He was an underground fighter and a Karate master.

But he doesn't own any projectile weapon... he just has a lot of military magazines... :D

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