Anomalism 7-31
2003-07-31 16:46:55 ET

I know its thurs day and I haven't posted about the foreman meeting on monday. See my SK time each evening is some what limited and it has been so much more fun to invade and coment on other people's threads. I've said it before but you people are too much fun (and you must be stoped).
The meeting was not as ugly as I thought it would be but it was enjoyable. The main boss didn't let his 2 subordinates come so that we would feel free to speak up about them , weehaa . It was only mildly brutal, I hammered them for not using preemergants(weed birth control) and for not following up on things, ie requests,repairs, info,etc. The sentiment was echoed round about. All in all it was a good thing, the two subord s will get a talking to and only one guy got fired and two suspendid(none of them were foremen).
In other news I'm up to 3-400 pushups a day(I found it real convenient to do sets of 50 in between jobs), both my boys are doing well at what they're doinn. My dad is getting a knee replaced in a month, which will be a new adventure for all. I need to sell some of my antique electric fans so I can support my other hobbies. I need more projectile weapons.

2003-07-31 21:05:57 ET

Projectile weapons! =D

2003-07-31 23:35:18 ET

projectile weapons are always a good thing, yes

ill take one of your fans!

2003-08-01 00:39:23 ET

I'll have to post some pics.

2003-08-01 00:40:00 ET


2003-08-01 05:50:18 ET

get a paintball gun, they rock. or make a dart gun. Im always amused with a straw and some toilet paper. *thwack*

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