Anomalism 2-4
2004-02-04 16:44:51 ET

We did it praise the Lord we finaly own it. We signed the papers monday, I met my contracter today and we mapped out the elec system, and the title is filed tomorrow and I get the keys. The new old house is realy happening and in only 45 days or so I get to live in it I think. Muhoohahh!!

2004-02-04 16:45:54 ET

Congrats =)

2004-02-04 16:46:16 ET

Congrats indeed,

2004-02-04 16:48:25 ET

In other news I am envious of SPGs page and I don't know what to do or how (I hope that is the biggest problem I have to deal with for the rest of this month at least) heh.

2004-02-04 16:51:26 ET

Thank you thank you, it has been a nightmare of delays and incompetance from the sellers title co, but it seems to be over now (slams a Warstiener premium dunkel).

2004-02-04 16:52:25 ET

After a stressful event, a drink always hits the spot =)

2004-02-04 16:56:28 ET

Mmmmm. Warsteiner. I remember the days (90-91) when I used to have to get it imported. Somehow, the lower alchol content non-liter bottles are just not as much fun.

2004-02-04 17:06:38 ET


2004-02-04 17:06:51 ET

My personal favorite is Tooth Shief stout, now that is some GOOD stuff.

2004-02-04 17:07:36 ET

give me blueberry mead anyday.

2004-02-04 17:10:47 ET

Congrats on the house! When do you start bringing in the sand for the back yard firing range? hehehe.

!!someone envies my page!! I just uploaded the pictures for the background in the edit page area of SK. then I had upload each of the little pictures to an image hosting site. (I chose picture trails) Next, I just linked to the pictures and made the pictures become the hyperlinks. this might be able to help you some if you get some free time.

2004-02-04 17:13:50 ET

spg, i think i will do a jgiwyp themed page now...

2004-02-04 17:14:32 ET

Blueberry mead ? that sounds interesting.

2004-02-04 17:15:48 ET

its very good.
my parents go to a nice little liquor store in a german town and get a lot of different imports and rare drinks.

2004-02-04 20:07:10 ET

congrats!!!! it's so great to have it all finally settled.

blueberry mead? yum. never tried that.

2004-02-05 09:52:44 ET

huzzah and congrats!

2004-02-05 10:20:16 ET

Hella cool, glad it all worked out!

2004-02-06 05:04:33 ET

Thanks everyone I'm still a long way from finnished, I have a 45 day renovation to do before I can move in and only 15 days left in this house. We don't know yet how to solve that one.

2004-02-06 07:59:10 ET

ooohhhh renovation. I love doing renovations, even if I do seem to take an overly long time with it.

good luck, and I hope you can have some fun with it. :)

2004-02-06 08:33:54 ET

Oh we will, I see houses as big live in toys.

2004-02-06 08:57:18 ET

oooh! giant doll house! :D

2004-02-08 13:33:06 ET


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