Anomalism 10-02
2004-10-02 07:04:14 ET

My moustache is now 2" I realy need to find some one to braid it. Still no phone or cable to the house so I can't upload pics . We will probably have to go with cable modem cuz it doesn't look like DSL is hapnin out here yet. Some of the rooms are starting to look normal now, we set up our waterbed and our dressers last week. I havn't seen much of this stuff for 7 months. I'm going to try to set up my claw foot bathtub tomorrow and maybe the shower as well. We'll see!

2004-10-02 07:08:10 ET

Waterbed! Those are fun. And so are huge Bathtubs. I guess i just like water.

2004-10-02 07:48:16 ET

nice to see you update again!

no dsl? you must live in b.f., egypt ;-D

2004-10-02 09:47:44 ET

Teh anomalous lives! woo!

glad to hear things are going well.

Also, cable is infinitely better than DSl even though it's a bit priceyer

2004-10-02 12:18:22 ET

Hey stranger, glad you're alive. :)

2004-10-02 20:19:45 ET

pix! pix!

shoot, come to Philly and I'll braid it for ya! lol.

I love claw foot tubs. so glad to hear the house is coming together. :)

2004-10-06 04:57:30 ET

If you do an SK meet in Jan or Feb I'm there! tho I hope I have the braids in place before then.

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