Anomalism 4-5.7 Weather??
2007-04-05 04:21:53 ET

The day before yesterday it was 80 degrees, today it is 30 and there is 2" of snow on the ground. It is all very pretty and stuff but we are kinda tired of it at this point. I'll have to build a fire soon for the first time in 3 weeks to heat the house and yet I have already had some sun burn. Its April in Ohio and this is the kind of things the weather will frequently do here. I guess I willna be doing any more mulching and edging this week.

2007-04-05 04:23:37 ET

heh...reminds me of north dakota where i grew up

2007-04-05 04:51:51 ET

Been to south Dakota back in 78. The only N.W. adventure I've ever had.

2007-04-05 04:54:04 ET

yeah i have no plans to go back there anytime ever. X-D

2007-04-05 07:29:23 ET

It is about 60ish here today, but was around 82-85 yesterday.

But you get snow, lucky.

2007-04-05 07:31:14 ET

aw 'the day before yesterday'.

if you had simply said yesterday I could have bestowed Ohio with the title "Honorary New England State"

but no, if it takes more than 36 hours to get from beach weather to snow then it doesn't count =p

2007-04-05 09:41:21 ET

Yesterday it was 40 degrees and windy. Still snowing hard, not quite a white out, visability around 200 meters or so. Looks like about half a foot of accumulation.

2007-04-05 09:50:53 ET


It's been raining/snowy mix here.

typical April.

I want warmth =(

2007-04-05 13:54:05 ET

Still snowing, up to bout 8" now.

2007-04-06 10:38:38 ET

And more snowing, bout a foot now, day two of no work. I think I'll waterproof my work boots now.

2007-04-06 12:50:28 ET

crazyness. I'm looking at the weather channel and feeling sorry for everyone else for a change XD

2007-04-22 23:42:16 ET

you're from ohio?

2007-04-23 17:33:47 ET

Yup, grew up high atop (or what passes for high in OH)the largest end moraine left from the glaciers in southern Ohio and now reside at the base of a coarse sandstone escarpment in N.E. OH exposed by the same glaciers on thier way south.

2007-04-23 19:33:35 ET

i JUST moved from the Dayton area.

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