anomalism 7-10
2003-07-10 19:21:52 ET

Yes I have decided to call the entries anomalisms. First off much thank to everyone who has welcomed me to SK. No entry for 7-9 because I worked 15 hrs, only14 today and I seem to have some energy left for this. Not much though, I'm fading fast. Dispite my best efforts, Jaeerd my helper just will not meltdown. Yep lost my thread time to go crash

2003-07-10 20:26:33 ET

oh i never welcomed you, but i will now, WELCOME ABOARD !!!

2003-07-11 00:10:06 ET

Thank you:)

2003-07-12 08:39:31 ET

anomalism <---i find great difficulty in trying to prononce that. too many syllables!arghh!

2003-07-12 09:26:24 ET

Its no worse than randomness is it? definately easier than spanish. I can pick up German and Japanese but spanish is tough for me.

2003-07-12 13:28:34 ET

yeah, randomness is kinda complicated i guess. Spanish is eay for me, because #1: there are tons of Hispanics in my area #2 it has alot of cognates that sound like some english words, and #3: My dad belives himself a mexican, so he speaks Spanish alot.
Some German i can understand. and ive Never even heard Japanese except in a few movies.
Id like to learn Latin so i could easily learn the other languacges that branch from it (Spanish,Portugeese,Italian...).

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