JAMES!    2004-10-19 08:55:30 ET
I love you baby. i thought you'd hate this picture but its so cute i had to post it.


 Beer Olympics    2004-10-19 05:39:21 ET

It was fun the first night, the second night we ended up not going after a failed attempt to spike james' hair (its just too long, i cant spike it). The third night we went and there we NO skinheads.. all little punk kids comming to see conflict. and with little punk kids come fights. 2 kids got in a fight coz of something that happened in the moshing and 3 kids got kicked out for making threats at a band that was playing. i ended up missing 2 classes on monday coz i got home at 2:30 am, and i only got 6 hrs of sleep last night.. i plan the sleep the whole afternoon and all night, however, i have to do some math work.. so still little sleep for me.

it occured to me, IM A SENIOR! maybe i should have a little more pride in my school or at least make this year memorable, this is my last chance at high school, i gotta make it count. and im really not gonna get another job after Spirit closes coz i need sleep man.. and i need to really kill myself with school, i need to make straight A's to boost my GPA this year.

::stabs self::

less entry and more doing webdesign, which is what im suppossed to be doing right now.

mood - tired
music - none..

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