i HATE telemarketers! and realtors!    2006-03-06 04:02:48 ET
so when we bought this house (exactly 1 year ago) we decided to get a second number ring on our phone line so that when people call me it rings differently than when they are calling my dad. well, it ends up that the second number is the same number of the people who we bought the house from. i didnt think anything of it till today.

apparently on some realtor thing it says that today is the closing date of this house (like as if its still for sale) so ever realtor and his mother is calling asking for Mr or Ms McDonald and im like THEY DONT LIVE HERE!! every 5 minutes!

i woke up to the phone ringing and it hasnt stopped since.

heres the times realtors called so far:
8:07 - 8:19 - 8:28 - 8:29 - 8:34

im about ready to smash the phone. and now my dad is making me mad walking around saying that my music sounds like cats dying (mindless self indulgence)
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 squeedleyspooch! woohoo!    2006-03-02 11:31:32 ET
YES! my brother now has the internet! i can talk to him again! im so excited!! we talked for like 2 hours! somthing he said that was great:

[Me] (3:57:29 PM): blllaaahh.. i dont like religious conversations. or political conversations.. AGH!
[Him] (3:57:39 PM): its cool
[Him] (3:57:52 PM): its been a long time
[Me] (3:57:55 PM): ya
[Him] (3:58:06 PM): You truely are my sister
[Me] (3:58:16 PM): what makes you say that
[Him] (3:58:43 PM): Its uncanny how alike our minds are

also, he sent me this:

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