Colostomy Bag    2006-03-26 05:06:39 ET
So me and James went to see a band last night. It happend to be that my ex-boyfriend, David, is in the band. Me and him are still cool and all, but I hadn't seen him in 2 years so I was a little bit nervous about seeing him again. Everything went okay, but still, I felt like there was a brick in my stomach. I know I couldve been more talkative, but nothing seemed to make that feeling go away.

Here are pictures tho:

This is the people there and the singer of the band

The crowd again.


Colostomy Bag

 YES YES YES YES!    2006-03-23 06:07:45 ET
you shouldve seen it, me running around the house goin yes yes yes! and jumping around.

i checked to see when the HIM tickets where going on sale and it said there was an internet presale so i grabbed my dads credit card, frantically filled out the info and BAM! i got me some tickets!! YES YES YES! i was so freaked out about going to Publix ticketmaster and having to fight the crowds of goth kids waiting to buy tickets, but thank you woohoo!

you dont understand.. im ecstatic.

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