2005-09-23 04:19:37 ET
its not like i want the cops to arrest him.. i just want them to at least act like this is a scarey situation..

i asked the cop.. "so, are you saying youre not gonna do anything until all the sudden i go to work one day and am never seen again?"

he just said "theres no law against being creepy"

arent there stalking laws??

the cop didnt care.. like im just some little girl getting mad about a guy flirting with her.. this isnt flirting, this is preparation for a kidnapping.

 agh!    2005-09-20 09:50:10 ET
so this man came into the store today and he is a guy who used to come into the grocery store that i worked for, he used to flirt with me like crazy right in front of his wife and kids!

so he came in and just sat there listening to me and the managers conversation for like 30 minutes. and all that and just staring at me with this creepy grin on his face.. so like.. i was like i gotta go on my break. and he followed me out to my car, and sat there trying to talk to me through the driver's window. like still grinning. and he goes.. "well, i'll be back in here.. hopefully you can model some of the skimpy costumes for me?" i was just like.. "umm.. i need to go"

he just has to "kidnapper" look and personality. what if one day i go to work and no one ever sees me again?

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