2004-08-26 05:33:48 ET

so im going to ask the manager lady at hottopic why ive been applying for 2 years but havent gotten the job. i dont see what im doing wrong if its coz i look too preppy, thats coz i had to change my look to prep when i started working at grocery stores. darnit, i need to get a job somewhere like hottopic i wanna dress how i want at work without getting in trouble and without having a uniform.. darn it.

2004-08-26 18:09:58 ET

hot topic can suck or be awesome...its entirely hit or miss on any given day. it's not the best job ive had, to be sure.

personally, having worked at hot topic, i prefer working at fuckin wal-mart ;-P

so it may not be worth it as much as you would think

2004-08-27 05:33:05 ET

ya, well i just got a job at spirit halloween, but thats only 4 months a year.

i kjnow how walmart is, its just like publix, the customers treat you like shit. i've never treated a cashier at hottopic like that. plus u have to think of it this way: people are mad at the grocery store coz they have no choice but to spend lots of money on food. but its the persons choice weather they spend lots of money on a new outfit.

2004-08-27 17:02:52 ET

ohhh trust me, at hot topic customers are WAY just dont realize it until you work there
plus, the company has some rather abnormal rules and practically expect you to be bouncing off the walls all day.
im an ics associate at wal-mart...i just ignore most all the customers and if someone has a question on something i simply point them in the direction...generally no one bugs me ;-P
i guess it depends which department you're in.

also: hot topic pays for shit. ill never work for minimum again
dont get me wrong, they're not necessarily a bad company per se...they're just overhyped. my friend who works at their headquarters even refers to the company as "the fucking gestappo"

oh and as far as people choosing and what not, you're right, but, this presents a new place for HUMAN STUPIDITY to rear it's ugly head. people will ask you the most retarded shit at hot topic and you're expected to answer. and sometimes they can be sweet but other times, especially when it's parents, they're just fucking rude.

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