No more muffins for you
2004-10-08 18:46:29 ET

such the weird day..

went with james to eds house..

james's ex g.f was there.. he was with her for almost as long as we've been together.

it was odd, and i almost left coz i didnt wanna make myself depressed with her around, but i decided.. we're all adults, we shouldnt let the past affect the present.

james loves me, not her, not anyone else, what do i have to be jealous about, why should i be afriad? i have no reason.

so it was not that bad, we were all being nice.. had conversations.
she even complimented me, said my hair was pretty.

anyway, im watching this movie, SAVED!, its really... interesting.

2004-10-08 21:59:21 ET

ha...i want to see 'saved!' looks hillarious

2004-10-11 17:53:09 ET

it was really funny. but it kinda turned serious after a while.

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