2004-11-04 05:50:59 ET

i cant decide between this camera:

5.0 megapixels
32megs of memory
takes 4 AA batterys

or this one:

5.1 megapixels
12megs of memory
takes 1 nikon rechargable battery

theyre both the same price.. but look at the amazing lens on the HP one..

2004-11-04 05:59:47 ET

hmmm I guess it depends what you'd be using them for or if you plan on buying like interchangeable lenses and stuffs

2004-11-04 06:08:29 ET

im going to use it to take really good pictures, that lens on the HP is making me want it more and more and its got more memory, so i dont have to load the pics on my comp every 20 pictures.

the only reason im even considering the Nikon is coz its a Nikon. but i think nikon is only good when it comes to print pictures. like Photography class kinda cameras..

2004-11-04 06:09:07 ET

i also like the zoom on the hp

2004-11-04 06:29:02 ET

well, I don't know if the hp can accept lenses, but you can buy like regular zoom camera lenses because digital zoom in my opinion looks like shiyat. and you can always buy flash cards that have more memory

2004-11-04 06:55:39 ET

the zoom on that HP is amazing. I used one often at the store I used to work at and I could take close up face shots of people allllll the way across the store (like 100 yards away)

2004-11-04 07:04:46 ET

awesome, thats what i want... good ol' HP..

and ya if you have a sucky camera zoom pics look bad, like my visioneer looks like poo when i zoom, everything is all pixelated n such.

2004-11-04 07:10:49 ET

well when you're at 50x zoom it's not gonna look too great but yeah it looks ok.

I think you could use Photoshop to cut down on some of the pixelation too couldn't you?

2004-11-04 08:28:49 ET

ya, photoshop can fix it... im gettin the hp

2004-11-05 08:11:59 ET

Photoshop can fix anything but nikon view 6 doesnt do anything... i complained to my uncle that we didnt have photoshop installed and he said nikon view does all the same stuff but i cant get it to resize pixels like photoshop feathers them... that makes me sad...

2004-11-05 08:13:24 ET

i never heard of nikon view, which means it sucks.

2004-11-05 08:44:22 ET

yeah it does

2004-11-05 08:45:53 ET

I've heard of it but I'm a technophile so I've heard of way more than any normal person should have

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