2004-11-05 06:06:08 ET

Yay i have a new name!

::silent excitement coz i have to be quiet in class::


2004-11-05 06:57:19 ET

as your dad would say "but what does it mean?"

2004-11-05 07:01:02 ET

ya i know, actually dad wouldnt really care, its my grama that will have a fit.

"why do you need such a negative name? thats not you! no one will like you"

1. strongly negative feeling
anger, hostility, fixed opposition, or disgust directed toward a particular person or thing
2. object of loathing
a source of somebody’s anger, hostility, fixed opposition, or disgust

2004-11-05 07:03:17 ET

aww the definition reminds me of you!

2004-11-05 07:04:38 ET

hey.. wait are you saying that that describes me, or that i am the source of your anger?


2004-11-05 07:14:22 ET

how'd you change your name without having to make a new account

2004-11-05 07:19:40 ET

m0xie did it.

2004-11-05 07:21:45 ET

oh right on

2004-11-05 07:22:59 ET

ya man, i was excited.
well i thought he might change it for me coz James had spelled his name Delete Yourslef, and m0xie changed it for him.

2004-11-05 07:24:23 ET

right on

2004-11-12 13:39:48 ET

yall know she actually does the whole <woohoo><whispers><woohoo> thing right?

2004-11-13 01:54:03 ET

haha... ya i do..

2004-11-13 13:38:27 ET

its fun to watch too, i wanna see her do it infront of a prep. thats gotta be even better

2004-11-14 07:57:23 ET

i told eli that i wanted to be a cheerleader.. he just looked at me blankly.

2004-11-15 11:29:04 ET

shut up... just shut up, im not talking to you anymore (turns away and pulls out (imaginary) scissors)

2004-11-16 05:24:44 ET

seriously, i think i wouldve had a better high school carreer if i had been more involved in school. ehh, too late now.

2004-11-17 12:18:50 ET

"oh my god!" you do have an evil side!

2004-11-17 12:19:05 ET

quick kill her!!!!!!

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