2004-11-05 07:03:40 ET

i just had to sign a paper claiming that i am aware that i did not have senior pictures taken so i wont be in the year book.

awww.. too bad, no picture for people to look back on in 20 yrs and laugh at me for having stupid hair.

2004-11-05 07:33:34 ET

haha yea i've never been in a year book sept for in elementary... O_o

when did you change your sk name!?!? O_o i just now noticed

2004-11-05 07:48:36 ET


2004-11-05 07:54:57 ET

ahhh well that would explain it then :-)... you doin' good?

2004-11-05 07:59:03 ET

ya i been doing pretty good. tired. but good..

2004-11-05 08:03:56 ET

well that's good

2004-11-05 08:10:52 ET

i just got a girl on here, shes from my class.. sitting right next to me. Megan

how u been doin, i love your poem thingys on ur entries. ::hugs::

2004-11-05 16:01:44 ET

*hugs* well thank you :-)... i've been doin' decent... could be better... but it's all cool :-)

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