look im cool!
2004-11-17 07:49:58 ET

2004-11-17 08:20:38 ET

you are so not cool!

2004-11-17 08:44:03 ET

what! you freak!..

im awesome!

can u make animated Gifs?? .... freak.

2004-11-17 09:55:27 ET

no but i dont care i can make some awsome shit in mspaint!
dont doubt my mariopaint skillz!

2004-11-17 11:48:12 ET

haha, mariopaint.. i made dad buy me that for christmas like back in middle school!

2004-11-17 12:22:40 ET

i cant stop laughing at James now
Faithy here is the coolest. "i wanna be just like her daddy" except with out a boyfriend like hers

2004-11-17 12:22:48 ET

no offense

2004-11-17 15:34:35 ET

i dont really understand what youre talking about..

is that an insult??

2004-11-18 14:35:37 ET

no of course not
i would never insult you

2004-11-18 14:35:45 ET


2004-11-18 17:25:11 ET


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