2004-11-21 15:22:48 ET

"61.. 62.."

"are you counting how many days it takes to wash your big butt?"

"i cant hear you.."

"thats because your big but blocks your ears! hahaha!"

"that doesnt make any sense!"

2004-11-22 12:51:33 ET


2004-11-22 12:52:08 ET


2004-11-22 12:53:36 ET


2004-11-23 05:32:17 ET

it was a new episode, lisa thought she was fat and then they were watching a video of 3rd grade runway models and the girl on the run way turned to the side and dissapeared coz she was so skinny.

then a girl watching said "i heard she's back to her birth weight"

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