2004-11-23 10:30:23 ET

i just had to yell at my dad and explain to him that subkultures is not a page for witchcraft and serial killers.

he saw a pic i made for nasum and said that it was saying that i am into killing people coz of the blood. and if my grandmother saw it she would have a heart attack, and im like well, then tell her not to look at the picture, im not going to censor my page because it might offend one person.. and i dont see anything offensive about my page anyway.
honestly my page reminds me of gumdrops and lollipops.. not death.

2004-11-23 10:47:58 ET

why shold he even care?
even more so its best to not know of such sites, cuz thats an open window into your life uncensored!!!
perhaps you should make your site members only?

2004-11-23 13:07:06 ET

i was thinking about it.

he was just like "oh i wanted my mom to see ur page to see how good you did webdesign and photoshop stuff but i dont want her to see other peoples stuff on your site that is objectionable" and im like "well then dont tell her to go to my page" and he's like "why dont you just make it to where it doesnt offend anyone and she can look at it" so im gonna make a geocities censored page for her... ugh

2004-11-23 14:03:16 ET

then just make some bogus page
and put all you got into that kinda like a show off page with no real perpouse!

2004-11-23 14:07:47 ET

ya thats what im gonna do

2004-11-24 15:15:26 ET

im laughing my ass off now...gamdrops and lollipops.. hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

2004-11-24 15:17:35 ET

hhmm yall have good ideas... must eaves drop more on them

2004-11-25 04:42:43 ET

hey.. freak.

2004-11-25 05:28:07 ET

hhmmm... and she noticed...back away back away

2004-11-25 07:00:25 ET

"back away, not today, disco lady"

2004-11-25 10:04:59 ET

huh? im clueless now

2004-11-25 10:05:28 ET

is that another simpsons line?

2004-11-25 11:41:31 ET

ya,, disco stu says it to marge coz she has kids

2004-11-25 11:59:16 ET


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