lessons of life
2004-11-24 12:04:26 ET

why not to stretch your ears 4 gauges over a 24 hr period:

painful? yes.. quite.

new pics in my galleries too.

2004-11-24 15:32:19 ET

i want one of those spikes, how much was it and whered you get it?

2004-11-24 21:13:08 ET

hey remember when i peirced my lips and eyebrow and shit?
it was hard to eat!

damn dirty safetypins i think i need a tetnis shot..

2004-11-25 04:38:33 ET

i remember ur ear megan.. mine has stopped bleeding now but i cant seem to get an actual plug in my ear now.. i have to leave the gauge spike in there. i went from a 6 to a 0.. it hurt! and i got the gauge spike from hottopic for... i think like 7$.

james, i remember ur lip peircing

2004-11-25 08:24:18 ET


2004-11-25 09:59:53 ET

lol he said holy shit

2004-11-25 10:03:38 ET

i took the mardigra picture.... very proud

2004-11-25 11:24:48 ET

i liked it better when i did it with the safety pins!

2004-11-25 15:54:37 ET

Pete!! you replied on my page for once! ::hugs::

2004-11-25 15:56:17 ET

coz my family sees this, i need to edit, sorry megan.. deleting some stuff.

2004-11-25 15:56:51 ET


2004-11-25 15:57:18 ET

pete whos pete?

2004-11-25 15:57:58 ET

TonalWar my little army buddy.

2004-11-25 15:58:50 ET

aaaauuu ok i understand

2004-11-26 05:53:54 ET

lol sorry, faithy, i'll try to be better about it. limited time, you know

2004-11-26 06:17:18 ET

ya i know. do what ya can with ur time man! my bro never emails me coz internet is not important when ur an MP apparently.

2004-11-26 11:40:50 ET

holy shit your bros an mp

2004-11-26 11:41:01 ET

you didnt tell me that

2004-11-26 11:41:28 ET

i wish my brother was an mp, theyre the cool cops

2004-11-26 12:01:35 ET

eh, i guess, he hates his job.

2004-11-26 12:07:01 ET

lol duh! he has to tell on people

2004-11-26 12:07:52 ET

but its ok because he tells on the people with guns, not just the ones with drugs like local cops do

2004-11-26 15:16:40 ET

well, he hates it coz he has to stand there for hours and check people's ID's and make sure they arent terrorists.

2004-11-26 17:08:59 ET

my id says terrorist on it!

2004-11-26 23:10:57 ET

lol the mp's aren't cool toward the rest of us soldiers, thats for sure.

2004-11-27 08:52:50 ET

james you look like an iraqi so im sure they think ur one anyway.

pete - are they mean and bossy? my bro isnt mean, he doesnt even follow the rules he's sposed to follow, he calls me on his cellphone while he's on watch..

2004-11-27 14:25:15 ET

im sure it does james, im sure it does

2004-11-27 14:45:51 ET

he's silly.

2004-11-27 14:51:36 ET

hey your here

2005-01-08 19:50:14 ET

wooo scary O_o... i've never been too huge on piercings so no worries for me

2005-01-09 03:25:06 ET

ya, no worries for you! but for me, im starting to wanna make em bigger, so i think i may have to be in a buncha pain again.

2005-01-09 03:26:17 ET

errr that's not good... one thing i don't really like about the whole plugs guaging thing... is it's so stinky... i can't handle that smell haha...

2005-01-09 03:53:29 ET


i wash mine every night when i take a bath.. so mine dont smell.

2005-01-09 03:55:10 ET

ehhh most people i know with gauges... if they move it... just get this really rough smell of grossness... ehhhh... too much...

2005-01-09 03:57:09 ET

i know what ur talkin about coz i know some people like that, but im clean..

2005-01-09 03:58:47 ET

yea... it's cool... it just somethin' that i don't really personally like enough to want...

2005-01-19 14:00:01 ET

hey i know im late but im clean too. but i do need some new earings cause im getting tired of taking them out and washing the earrings and putting them back in. i would rather take them out and put another pair in and then i could wash the first pair when i felt like it or the next day so i could switch them out again.
hey i found one of the circles next to the leg on the chair in front of me in that class next to your locker... weird right? i actually said "sweet" in the middle of a lecture about 1763.

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