we all love pictures
2005-10-04 16:06:07 ET

lets see now.. we can either have butterbeans or.. fillet of cat.

There's something about a guy who's all hot and sweaty.. that or im just really sexually deprived. my squishypoo piggy.. err.. i mean James. it looks like he's talking about protesters..

2005-10-04 16:09:40 ET

That looks like a kitty thats ripe for the pickin, yumm

2005-10-04 17:28:42 ET

ya i think he's welldone. mm.. white meat kitty!!

apparently served with ragu sauce

2005-10-04 17:54:01 ET

im training for baseball, hahahaha!

2005-10-05 13:24:11 ET

aww.. youd be so cute in a little baseball outfit..

2005-10-05 15:03:30 ET

i rather dress as a cheerleader.

2005-10-06 12:47:11 ET

big fluff-cats are the best ^_^

2005-10-06 13:14:28 ET

ya i know! he's like a big white fluffy marshmallow!

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